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Carleton Village Holiday Homes, Solve Ancient Mystery

Charlie The Chicken and his Carleton Village Adventure

Not every day do the staff at Carleton Village manage to solve ancient mysteries but today we have! Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, I can now tell you the answer to that age old question ‘Why did the Chicken Cross The Road?’ 

The answer is pretty simple really, he crossed the road because he wanted to create mayhem on the very unsuspecting staff at Carleton Village! Any of you that have stayed with us before will be well aware of the fact the Carleton Village have a strict no pets policy, so you could

Charlie, The Carleton Village Chicken

imagine our surprise when a guest commented on ‘what a lovely idea to have a Chicken roaming free around the complex’. ….Pardon!!!!

Carleton Village Free Range What?

After a few sightings from guests we began investigating the Chicken Gate scandal and low and behold a member of housekeeping came across the little guy last week. Much to afraid of the new surroundings and  strangers the beautiful chicken now identified as Charlie proved very illusive….that is until today!

Carleton Village Holiday Homes Chicken 2While wandering back to reception after lunch, imagine my surprise to see…a chicken crossing the road! So between myself and David(The onsite manager) we decided in the battle of man versus chicken we would most definitely win!….How wrong we were!

Strangers Aid Carleton Village Staff

After many attempts to chase and corner the chicken, a passing car stopped and came to our aid with the simple explanation of ‘ I know chickens’. How right he was!  Low and Behold within two minutes he had him all wrapped up and here he is with me (Katrina) on his way back to his owners. So on that note I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and remember no to chickens at Carleton Village!


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