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Self Catering Holidays – Fabulous for Families

Self Catering Holidays – Fabulous for Families

Family Self Catering HolidaysWhile you may have to do the cleaning, shopping and cooking, Self Catering Holidays give you the freedom needed to ensure your family gets what they need when they need it. A Family Self Catering Holiday, particularly when it comes to young children and toddlers is ideal as you can feed your child when they’re hungry (feeding them what you know they will eat) and they can nap when tired without having to worry about being disturbed by housekeeping.

Why are Self Catering Holidays so Popular with Families

The answer is simple. Flexibility!  Parents with small children must organise their days around what their child wants and needs which is a challenge in itself. Choosing a Self Catering Holiday means parents can continue to organise their day around their child without adding the stress of having to eat specific food in a limited time slot or sleep during certain times. A Self Catering Holiday means you have the flexibility to come and go as you please and do so in the comfort of a space that is entirely yours for the length of your holiday.

What to expect from Self Catering Holidays

While Holiday Homes should contain many of the comforts of home they should also provide those added comforts that ensure parents, particularly mothers get a break and life is made much easier while they are away. Starting from the basics a good holiday home should come complete with the following,

  1. The bed should be dressed! A self catering holiday home provider who does not dress the beds has lost or never had an understanding of the concept ‘holiday’.  This is a very basic requirement and I am often times surprised by the amount of providers that feel it is acceptable not to provide linen.
  2. A well stocked kitchen, this should without a doubt include a dishwasher. The kitchen should include everything you have in your own home with a few additional extras. Kitchenware should be plentiful, approximately twice the number of people staying in the holiday homes.

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