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Flying with Young Children

A Step by Step Guide to Flying with Young Children

Flying with Young ChildrenTaking care of a small baby is a very tough job indeed, travelling with a small baby can be daunting, stressful, overwhelming and tiring. Making sure you’ve packed all the necessities

Early to Bed, ….makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise…..works on women as well! Getting a good night sleep the night before is essential to ensure that you can face the stress of travelling the following day. Tired parents mean mistakes get made, tickets get left on the kitchen counter, passports get lost in transit. It is essential that everyone gets a good night sleep so that you can stay alert long enough to get to your destination.

Arriving at the Airport Early The two hour check in rule is there for a reason, adhere to it. Even. Checking in, getting through security, boarding the plane and settling in to your seats takes longer when you’re travelling with a child so arrive at the airport on time.

Airport Lounges and Priority Boarding. Airport Lounges are comfortable, spacious and most are family friendly. The cost of airport lounges vary and you could be very surprised at how little they cost. Priority boarding in a perfect world should be offered free to all parents with young children, however until then I suggest you spend that little bit extra, be one of the first on the plane, have your bags stored away and be sitting comfortably before the onslaught of pushy passengers and isle blockers begins!

Change of Clothes.  Bringing a Change of Clothes for baby goes without saying but what about mum and dad. Feeding babies can be a messy undertaking. Ensure to bring a change of clothes for both mum and dad. Arriving at your destination  covered in carrot puree and baby vomit isn’t something that will get you in the holiday mood.

Bring Extra! Even though you have thought out the journey from start to end what you didn’t take into account was a delayed flight. Ensure to pack extra nappies, change of clothes and some extra food for baby.

Babies, like grown ups can be affected by the increase in air pressure inside an airplane. Adults can overcome this by sucking on a sweet or chewing gum. You can help your baby overcome this by ensuring they have something to suck on, a soother or teething toy to chew on.


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