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Easter Extravaganza at Carleton Village

Carleton Village Easter Egg Hunt

With the Spring Day Sunshine the Carleton Village Easter Egg Hunt went down a treat. With approximately 50 children divided into three age groups the day was definitely one to remember.

Early Easter Start at Carleton Village

Carleton Village Easter Egg HuntThe activities begun early that morning with Katrina and Joan running around Carleton Village hiding Scavenger Hunt Clues in every nook and cranny. Then it was down to the walled garden to  to spend the next hour setting up a relay race for the 6 to 9 yr olds and we spent the final 30 minutes hiding sweets and eggs all over the walled garden in bushes, in the grass and even the trees.

Divide and Conquer – Carleton Village Easter Has Something for Everyone

The Walled Garden open at 11am and we we inundated with children and parents so we started the morning off with a Colour Competition (Winner to be announced on Friday) for the younger children while we briefed  the 10 to 14 year olds on how to use two way radios and did a recap of the rules, regulations before letting them set off on their hunt.

Then we split the remaining group up by their ages and the fun really began. The 6 to 9 year old were running, jumping, spoon racing and bean bag balancing all the way to the wall of clues before racing back to their group to claim their Easter Egg.

This gave the smallies the chance to race around the garden looking for enough sweeties to fill their baskets and race back to the counter to claim their Easter Egg Suprise.

As soon as the older group returned from the Carleton Village Scavenger Hunt and got their Egg, the final garden hunt began. The morning came to a hilarious finish with the Easter Shower which saw myself, Joan and numerous parents throwing sweets, mini eggs, cream eggs and Easter Eggs as far down the walled garden as possible, the sight of a herd of children following randomly falling Easter Treats is very funny indeed! As soon as I have the pictures of the day I’ll update this post.

I hope you all had a great Easter with us and see you all again soon

Katrina & Joan – Carleton Village.


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