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Carleton and the Queen

We Talk to Carleton Village Queen Emma O’Keeffe in the run up to the Family Fun Festival.

Carleton Village Queen of the Sea As the Family Fun Festival draws closer we take a look at the likes, life and loves of the Carleton Village Queen Emma O’Keeffe. Born and bred in Cork Emma is thrilled to be picked as the Carleton Queen, She said when asked ‘I was absolutely shocked and delighted when the management team approached me to represent Carleton Village, I’m very nervous about the whole thing but excited at the same time’.

The Carleton Queen Goes to the Ball

As part of the Queen of the Sea Competition Emma will be interviewed by a panel of Judges which will include Kerry Rose Veronica Hunt, sorry boys but the bikini Competition is out for this year! Each Queen will then attend the Queen’s Nautical Themed Ball on the 17th July accompanied by a chaperone of their choice, on being asked who will be her date for the event Emma simply smiles with a little twinkle in her eye and says ‘you’ll just have to wait and see’.

Life for the Carleton Queen hasn’t been an easy one, after losing both parent in very close succession Emma and her brother Ross have been left to care for their 9 year old sister’ Thank god for my brother and family, the last few years have been tough on us, but we’ve had a lot of support from our extended family, they’ve been great’. However through it all Emma’s bubbly nature and strong personality shines through and we can’t help but get excited for her.

Hopes for the Carleton Village Queen

With a love for travel Emma would love to go back to education and qualify in something that would allow her to see the world ‘in the future I’d love to go back to college, however it will be some time before I get the opportunity, but one day, it will happen’.
The Queen of the Sea final will take place on the 18th July or fingers are crossed for our Carleton Village Queen Emma, best of luck!




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