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Youghal Beaches

Youghal Beaches

Youghal alone has three blue flag beaches, the first of these is only a ten minute walk from the Carleton Village Complex.

The Front Strand

Claycastle Beach

Redbarn Strand

This beach is the closest to Carleton Village. Only a ten minute walk or two minute drive. The beach is Blue Flag Approved as are the other three beaches along this stretch. 

Continuing on from the Front Strand you will come to a large mound of grass and the new eco board walk, this is the start of Claycastle. The board walk is now open with the second phase due next year.

Walking on from Claycastle you will see a hotel located far out the otherside of the beach, this is the Redbarn strand area of town. It will take you approximately 40 minutes to get to Rebarn beach