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Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park is set on 70 acres on the scenic Fota Island in the heart of Cork Harbour only 35 minutes from Youghal.The park is not like an ordinary zoo; here you can come face to face with free roaming animals & birds from all parts of the world. So whether it’s a kangaroo that hops in front of you or a ring tailed lemur which jumps down from a tree, each visit is sure to bring its own fantastic memories. Fota is only a 30 minute journey from Carleton Village Self-Catering Holiday Homes Youghal

Fota’s Must Sees

Fota’s Lar Gibbon

The Fota Cheetahs

The Meerkat

Fota Wildlife -Carleton Village

Cheetah at Fota Wildlife -Carleton Village

Fota Wildlife Meerkat - Carleton Village

Fota Wildlife Park is open throughout the summer and winter.