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Car Journey Activites

Getting To Carleton Village,….the stress free way.

For most of the guest who come to Carleton Village, your holiday doesn’t begin when you check in at Reception but rather when you pack up the car, pile all the kids in, double checked that you have everything, double checked again, made sure the house is locked up and you’ve switched everything off.

The stress involved in getting ready for your holiday is enough without adding a long or short car journey to the mix.

Carleton Village – Making Travel Easier

Understanding the stress even a short car journey can put on a family with young children we’ve compiled a few easy ideas to entertain the kids on the car journey from home until you get to us. Even easier still all you need do is download and print and you’re ready to go.

Carleton Village Downloads

Please Note: Most of these files will download in zip file

Tip! Katrina in the Carleton Village reception is well known for trading lollypops for the best coloured in picture.